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Cancer stigma is a great problem in South Africa, it touches all groups, ages and genders and impacts cancer patients daily.

With our current survey we aim to gain more information and insight into the role of cancer stigma in our communities.

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Cancer, Pilates and Quality of Life

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My name is Claire Terink owner of FACE IT Studio in Claremont. I have seen the great success has brought to my recovering and in treatment cancer patients. I hope to inspire you to gain/regain the confidence to start some safe physical exercise and how Pilate’s core concepts are perfectly suited to support and benefit you at whatever stage you are at.

When navigating the path of cancer recovery, one faces many unique hurdles and challenges. Cancer patients often battle with muscle weakness, decreased mobility/flexibility, stress and fatigue all at once. Regaining strength and range of motion, as well as increasing energy levels and reducing stress, becomes imperative to promote a positive healing process. That undergoing cancer rehabilitation, therefor, must find a way to accomplish all of these health goal simultaneously. The Pilates principles of centring, control, flow of movement, breathing and concentration help cancer patients address each of these recovery needs.

Regaining strength is critical after suffering though difficult cancer treatments. Patients can start the process by learning the Pilates technique of centring. With a focus on core simple exercises that encourage abdominal and back muscles promote good posture and stability, allowing for improved strength in everyday function movement.

Control is another important principle at the heart of a Pilate’s program. Cancer often causes a reluctance to move in a certain area due to guarding effects of surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. A Pilates approach will help lessen the apprehension and improve control of the movement process.

Pilates promotes flow of movement. For cancer patients this has the benefit of lymph fluids. Without fluid movement, the lymph may build up and cause lymphedema a particularly significant risk after breast cancer surgery. Following cancer treatment it is important to gently increase range of motion and flexibility in areas affected by joint and muscle stiffness. A Pilates based recovery program effectively addresses the need.

Deep breathing, a fundamental part of Pilates exercise, plays an important role in cancer recovery as well. Breathing from the core allows more oxygen into the lungs, which helps with the healing process. Another critical benefit of deep breathing is that it encourages relaxation and reduces stress. Along these lines a degree of concentration is needed in Pilates to engage and recruit the proper muscles. Patients who face aggressive treatment plans benefit from developing a high level of focus, as it deepens the mind body connection to promote a calm positive spirit.

With treatment and surgery which are compounded by the emotional stress of living with a life-threatening condition. Pilates provides a technique that can help both mind and body recover and rehabilitate slowly.

Choose to reconnect with your body. Pilates and its philosophy help one reconnect with a body that has been traumatized and which may seem foreign. Making one stronger, healthier and more confident.

If you or someone important in your life is undergoing cancer treatment, a well-integrated Pilate’s program will do wonders to ease pain and the rehabilitation process, while lifting the spirits. I offer one on one session in the comfort of your home or in my private home studio. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to feel the benefits of this method.

Claire Terink


25 Greenwood Road, Claremont/

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