Cancer Alliance Stigma Survey

Cancer stigma is a great problem in South Africa, it touches all groups, ages and genders and impacts cancer patients daily.

With our current survey we aim to gain more information and insight into the role of cancer stigma in our communities.

- Cancer Alliance Stigma Survey -

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The Cancer Buddies support project emphasizes the importance of support while learning to live with cancer, and that this is fundamental to developing a true cancer survivor approach.

Dealing with each “chapter of survival” involves more than medical management; it requires attention to your psychological, social, emotional, spiritual and practical needs as well.

Developing a patient-active approach empowers you to learn to live your life despite cancer; to take some control over the process; and encourages you to see healing as more than just physical.

Talking with someone who has survived cancer and has regained his or her life offers hope and a sense of empowerment. Through empowerment comes a fighting spirit that can assist in building resilience, and in challenging the process of learning to live with cancer.

“Survivorship begins at the moment of diagnosis and continues throughout the course of life, no matter how long or short that life may be. But there are cycles and varying terrains on the journey of survivorship.” – National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, USA.

“The most important support I needed after my diagnosis was to simply talk to others who understood.” - Carl Liebenberg, co-founder and director of PLWC

Every day Cancer Buddies connect with people for one-on-one cancer support across South Africa. We have identified that the cancer journey can be made easier when the experience is shared with someone “who has been there”, who understands, who can assist and who can serve as a friend along the way.

PLWC Cancer Buddies carefully matches and individually pairs each newly diagnosed person touched by cancer with someone who has fought and survived the same type of cancer - a Cancer Buddy - thus providing support, information and friendship at a time of crisis for the person confronted by a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer caregivers (spouses, parents, children and other family and friends of fighters) also receive one-on-one support sessions with other caregivers and survivors. These one-on-one interventions and support services inspire hope and offer the chance to ask personal questions and receive support from someone who is uniquely familiar with the experience.

Through the unique matching process, Cancer Buddies supports individuals seeking cancer information and support.

These one–on–one support interventions may take place telephonically, via email or face-to-face, and inspire hope and offer the chance to ask personal questions and receive support from someone who is uniquely familiar with the experience and can help from personal experience.

The service is offered absolutely free via our website, toll-free line and Cancer Buddy phone numbers, and is open to and helps anyone touched by any type of cancer, at any cancer stage, at any age, living anywhere in South Africa.

Cancer Buddies also hosts cancer support groups in many Centre’s across the country. Please follow this link to the support group details on this website for more details.

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